Michael O'Sullivan, June 4 2018

Creating Opportunity

We began our relationship with Goodwill Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast in 2016 with the simple task of creating three videos that told the stories of three individuals whose lives had been positively impacted by the services they received through the organization. These videos were a part of a 1-hour fundraising event. The event was a HUGE success and far exceeded anyone's expectations.

This year, we collaborated again to tell more of these stories with three new people, and once again, at the end of the 1-hour event, hearts were touched. Click below to watch the stories that helped Goodwill raise funds at this year's event.

2017 Event Goal: $150,000

2017 Amount Raised: ~$390,000


2018 Event Goal: $150,000

2018 Amount Raised: $300,000+

Written by

Michael O'Sullivan